Commitment to Safety

Commitment to Safety

At Quality Pest Control, we take pride in providing effective pest control solutions that are safe for both the environment and Omaha families! It can be scary to put chemicals into your home, where you and your family live, eat, and sleep. That’s why we take an integrated, targeted approach to pest control, we don’t just “spray for bugs.”

Our methods are safer because they are performed by licensed and trained pest professionals. We use only EPA approved materials, and apply them per the labeled directions to minimize risk to family, pets and the environment.

We avoid using pesticides and utilize non-chemical methods of pest control whenever possible. When pesticidesĀ areĀ necessary, we apply the chemicals to only limited, affected areas. For a low-toxicity approach, we use materials with minimal or no odor, and use products that carry a only a “Caution” label, as opposed to the substantially more hazardous “Warning,” or “Danger” labels.

We believe that “green” pest control is smart pest control. When pest control is done properly and professionally, there is no need to over apply harsh chemicals that put your home and family risk. Our product labels and material safety data sheets are always available for viewing.

You never need to choose between safe pest control and effective pest control. We guarantee both!