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Committed to protecting your health, family and property!

Specializing in providing pest control services to Omaha and surrounding communities since 1996, Quality Pest Control continually strives to meet the growing demand for commercial and residential pest control services. Quality Pest Control, Inc. in Omaha is proud to have grown into the premier pest control company in and around Omaha, NE. We understand how unsettling and unnerving discovering a pest infestation issue can be. But what is an infestation? An infestation is the term applied when there are enough pests (ants, termites, spiders, cockroaches, mice or any number of other bugs) to be seen by the naked eye. Wherever you see pests, ignoring the problem will not make it go away! Our team of pest management professionals will develop and execute a specific, targeted plan to eliminate the infestation. We also develop individualized plans for pro-active pest control through a combination of common-sense practices and environmentally sensitive considerations. You can relax! Know that the professional exterminators in Omaha from Quality Pest Control, Inc. have a solution to your pest control problem.

Low-toxicity pest control services are our priority!  
Whenever possible, we choose to use non-chemical methods of pest control. All pesticide products are toxic at some level. Therefore, when pesticides are necessary, we practice a highly targeted approach, using minimal chemicals for maximum effectiveness and safety. As a part of our low-toxicity approach, we use materials with minimal or no odor, which carry a only a minor “Caution” label, as opposed to the substantially more hazardous “Warning” or “Danger” labels. You can trust Quality Pest Control to keep your family safe and secure during the treatment of your home. At Quality Pest Control, we believe in treating you the way we like to be treated.  Pests are our business. We listen to your needs, and offer the best pest control advice possible. Pest control recommendations are needs-based, not sales-driven. We take pride in servicing our clients’ needs and work hard to establish and maintain long-term relationships. Your satisfaction is our priority!


Why am I starting to see mice in my house?

Around this time of year, many homeowners are starting to see new critters appear, and are wondering how to get rid of mice in their Omaha home! As the weather gets colder, mice and other critters are trying to come indoors. Shorter days and lower temperatures have mice looking for new food supplies they often find in pantries, kitchens, garages and basements. At Quality Pest Control, we have industry certifications specifically specializing in mouse removal for Omaha and the surrounding areas. Mice are more than just a nuisance: a mice infestation pose risks for your health, family and property. Mice carry dirt and diseases that can be transferred to humans, and often chew on wires, creating an electrical fire hazard in both commercial and residential buildings. Quality Pest Control offers the best value and best service for mice control in Omaha.

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Customer Testimonials
Lisa M.Lisa M.
Quality Pest Control was the second company I called to take care of a wasp nest...I called Quality Pest Control. He told me he would come out and take a look (FOR FREE NO LESS!). He then promptly called me with the estimate. He then explained that I could have service for a year for my entire home, inside and out...He did a great job and was prompt and professional!”
Lori M.Lori M.
Carl originally came out to get rid of ants. He was punctual and so pleasant. He asked a lot of questions and explained his process for treating. He was thorough in his explanation of how he managed the problem and inspired confidence with his knowledge of pest control. Carl is sincere, honest and passionate about what he does."
Deborah G.Deborah G.
Carl was very timely and knowledgeable about pest control. He examined the areas that he believed were most likely the entry points and made a follow-up call to make sure that the mice were under control...I purchased an annual package for pest control of creepy, crawlies for my home. A very honest company providing professional, friendly service."
Dick B.Dick B.
We've had Quality Pest Control since the beginning (1996). We like the personal service, family-friendly applications, and attention to detail. Our house is in a heavily wooded area and when we moved in years ago we had lots of spiders and other scary critters. There have not been any bugs since Quality Pest Control came to our rescue. I heartily recommend these guys for your pest control!"
Shannah, John, & SiennaShannah, John, & Sienna
We live in an apartment that was terribly infested with cockroaches. I tried everything the store had to offer, and finally, after threatening to move, our landlord hired Quality Pest Control. Carl was very kind and informative, plus, he solved our problem! Thank you Quality Pest Control!”
Suzie D.Suzie D.
We Chose Quality Pest Control to service our tanning salon and couldn’t be happier! The technician was clean and professional. They are prompt, reliable, and very friendly.”
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