Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Quality Pest Control’s treatment philosophy is based on the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) developed by the National Pest Management Association. It combines pro-active, common sense prevention steps that homeowners can take to ward off pests, with targeted pest product applications by a pest control professional.

Rather than waiting to call a pest professional until after you have a problem, IPM encourages homeowners to create a pro-active pest management plan that will work to minimize the risk of infestations in the first place!

The steps for an IPM-based pest control plan:

1. Inspection

Are there currently any pests living in or around your home? The Omaha pest control professionals at Quality Pest Control know exactly where to look to identify common infestations of different types of pests.

2. Identification

What kind of pests are you dealing with? The Quality Pest Control team can looking for droppings and other subtle signs of infestations to find the type of pest, the point of entry, and the location of the infestation

3. Treatment

Quality Pest Control will develop an IPM-based plan to apply targeted applications to eliminate existing pests. We don’t believe in one-size fits all solutions– We customize our treatments to prioritize the safety and comfort of your entire family, and we offer homeowners advice on how to prevent the infestation from returning. Simple housekeeping steps like sealing garbage cans, eliminating standing water, and vacuuming frequently can save you from future pest infestations down the road! Read more pest prevention tips

By using IPM principles to develop customized pest control strategies for each client, Quality Pest Control is able to offer our clients the very best in prevention and elimination of common household pests.