Mole Control

Mole Control Omaha

Moles are problem for many Omaha homeowners, and Quality Pest Control is proud to offer the premier Mole Control Plan to keep these pesky visitors away for good. When these burrowing rodents invade yards and gardens, they tear up late areas of grass and uproot plants as well. Their tunneling also kills grass roots, and prevents your lawn from looking beautiful and healthy.

Mole Control Plan

Our special Mole Control Plan are offered during the warmer months (typically between May and November), when moles are most active. The plan consists of a complementary initial assessment, to determine the extent of the infestation. This is followed by a service plan of monthly visits to monitor and treat the mole problem. We eliminate mole infestations using a combination of methods, including baiting and trapping, for maximum effectiveness. If you notice a continued mole problem in between scheduled monthly visits, our mole control professionals will come to your home and conduct a further treatment, free of charge.

Call Quality Pest Control to handle your Omaha mole problem today! Your satisfaction is our priority!