Rodent Control

Omaha Mice Control & Rat Control

In your home, mice and rats are just not irritating little critters; they are among the most significant pests (insects included) on earth. Their large populations spread disease and cause costly damage to properties and homes.If you spot a single mouse or rate on your property, it could be indicative of a much larger infestation that is already a problem. Quality Pest Control provides effective and efficient rat control and mice control for homes and businesses in the Omaha area.

Mice and rats carry and transmit numerous diseases, cause damage to our buildings, electronics, and utilities by their gnawing and burrowing activities. By chewing through electrical wiring, mice and rat infestations have even been linked to incidents of electrical fires. Businesses that don’t proactively invest in mice and rat control often end up costing themselves far more money because the contamination and destruction caused by the pests.

By thoroughly analyzing and identifying the sources of these rodents, the severity and extent of the infestation,their location and areas of activity, our Omaha pest control and rodent control experts can formulate the most effective solution for your rodent control problem.

Call Quality Pest Control today for a rodent control consultation to find out how we can keep these unwanted pests from entering your building and wreaking their havoc!