Termite Extermination

Termite Control Omaha

Quality Pest Control is the leader in Omaha termite inspections and termite control. We offer hard-hitting termite control options to provide an integrated approach to exterminate these destructive pests. Our Omaha termite experts can also conduct real estate inspections and provide the necessary documentation for your new home purchase or refinance to ensure your property is termite free!

Our termite inspection and termite extermination services are performed by certified professionals. We offer both for homes, businesses and commercial structures. To determine which termite control treatment is right for you, contact our Omaha pest control professionals for your certified termite inspection.

Termite Control Treatments

A. Termite Inspection & Wood Destroying Insect Reporting
Termites damage more homes yearly than fires and tornadoes combined, and their destruction totals to over $5 billion in costs a year for homeowners (and that’s not covered by homeowners insurance). Real estate inspections are critical for prospective homeowners and business owners. Our Omaha pest control experts will schedule the termite inspection at your convenience, delivering the report in a form accepted by FHA, VA, FMHA, HUD and other national lenders. Early termite inspection can save homeowners substantial repair costs. That’s just one less thing you have to worry about.

B. Liquid
Through drilling and trenching, a liquid barrier is created around your home or business to stop termite infestations from making their way into your space. Although this method of termite control has been used since the 1930s, Quality Pest Control combines cutting edge technology and proven science to provide the most modern and effective form of termite control. This form of termite control treatment is non-repellent and considered by most in the industry to the ‘gold standard’.  Call Quality Pest Control today to learn more about this termite control method!

C. Advance Termite Monitoring

Many of our clients often ask themselves,”Why do I need termite control and monitoring systems if I don’t have termites?”  The answer is YES! Preventative termite treatments are incredibly important and can save your home from major damages. The Advance Termite Monitoring system is a preferred termite monitor system that acts as an alerting system for your pest management professional to discover any potential termite problems. Advance Termite Monitoring systems allow for termite inspection cartridges to be placed around your Omaha home. These monitoring stations use Puri-Cell monitoring tablets to entice termites into the cartridge and away from your home’s interior.

D. Advance Termite Bait System 

The Advance Termite Bait System offers long-term termite treatment to get rid of termite colonies around your property. The Advance Termite System has been the industry-leading bait system, utilizing the ultimate cutting-edge termite baiting technology based on pest control research by major universities and pest control professionals. This innovative termite baiting system is installed into the soil around the perimeter of your property. The termite bait system attracts termite colonies using termite-preferred food sources (Puri-Cell) and has been proven as one of the most effective methods of eradicating both single and multiple termite colonies. One major draw of the Advance Termite Bait System is that is designed to be inconspicuous and safe for installation even with families that have children and pets. Advance Termite Bait System is the ideal choice for long-term and preventative termite control treatments outside the home.

E. Bora Care (Pre-construction/Post-construction Termite treatment)
Quality Pest Control interior stud wall RGB_300dpiis an authorized Bora-Care applicator, an environmentally friendly termite control solution that protects properties from termites both before and after construction. By treating all the wood in your home or business that would be vulnerable to termites, Bora-Care kills termites and keeps others from coming back.  Bora-Care’s active ingredient, boric acid, (boron, can be found in everything from tomatoes to toothpaste), makes Bora-Care a greener option than conventional liquid termite pretreatment.  Another benefit of this low-toxicity treatment is it requires just a few gallons of material as compared to the hundreds required by conventional termite pretreatment. In addition to providing termite control, Bora-Care also prevents damage from carpenter ants, moisture, and mold.

All of our termite inspections and termite control treatments include a warranty! Contact us today to prevent Omaha termite damage and learn about the service that is right for you! Ask about our termite control consultations.