Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Are your treatments safe?
A – Quality Pest Control uses only products that have been thoroughly evaluated by the EPA and are registered to control pests. We are constantly educating ourselves about the newest, most proven pest control options, including eco-friendly choices, too. You can rest assured these materials will be properly applied and will not cause harm to you or your pets.

Q – What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?
A – IPM is an approach to solving pest problems by applying our knowledge about pests to prevent them from infesting buildings or otherwise interfering your livelihood or enjoyment of life. IPM means responding to pest problems with the most effective, least-risk option. Any actions taken are designed to target the troublesome pest, limiting the impact on non-target organisms and the environment.

Q – I have children around the house. Can you still treat my home while they are present?
A – Every pest control treatment is different. Sometimes it may be necessary to leave, but often times it isn’t. For example, baiting for rodents in your home will not require you or your children to leave the property. However, if a treatment for a pest like fleas or bed bugs is being done, you would be asked to vacate for a short time. We will advise you at the time of your specific visit

Q – Do I need to be worried about food in the kitchen?
A – Usually not during regular service visits. We simply ask that you keep food covered and put away. However, special preparation could be needed if the infestation is from food-infesting insects occurs.

Q – Will the treatment harm my plants?
A – No. Our inspections and treatments will not harm plants. Plants, however, can be the source of pest problems, especially when they are brought in from the outside, or imported from a warmer climate.

Q – I’m not sure if I have termites or carpenter ants. How can I tell the difference?
A – To the untrained eye, it’s very easy to mistake the two. See our Pest Library for more details about the differences between these two destructive pests. You can also contact Quality Pest Control. We are well trained to offer you the correct pest identification and offer the treatment plan that makes the most sense for your specific pest problem.

Q – What Are The Health Risks Associated With Cockroaches?
A – The health risks associated with German cockroaches, a very common pest species, can range from  gastroenteritis including nausea, abdominal cramping, vomiting, and diarrhea, etc., caused by their fecal material being placed on food, dishes, glasses, etc., to allergic reactions like skin rashes, watery eyes, and sneezing. Even asthma attacks can be triggered by their dead body particles becoming airborne and then being breathed in.

Q – Do you offer a warrantee?
A – W do! Our services are covered by a warrantee you will be completely satisfied with the pest control service completed in your home. If you notice any problems between scheduled services, we will return and service your home again at no charge, or refund your money. All of our services are covered by a our quality warrantee!