WeevilBeetles vary widely in color, shape, and size. While some varieties of weevils are famous for destroying crops, they are also a common house nuisance, often called a “pantry pest.” Beetles can enter homes in large numbers and quickly find grains where they can feed and lay their eggs. Cookies, crackers, biscuits, oats, rice, seeds, wheat, corn and beans are all common foods which attract beetles within the home.

How to identify them:

Beetles are hard to spot when they are outside the home, and once they enter and lay eggs, the new weevils will remain the larvae stage for up to a month. Therefore, it can take a while before you realize that you have a beetles infestation. However, once weevils reach maturity, you will quickly notice the bugs appearing in large number inside food containers, cupboards, and pantries.

What to do:

To prevent beetles from entering the home, seal potential entry points such as cracks and gaps in a home’s foundation or structure. Weather stripping can also add protection. Once you notice beetles in your home, remove all contaminated food items. Weevils cannot live in extreme temperatures, so putting food in the freezer or the oven (around 130 degrees) should remove any possibility of beetles. Pest control professionals can design an individualized plan to remove beetles, as well as identify and eliminate their point of entry.