We all know the sound of their familiar chirping, and when crickets enter your home they can quickly become a major nuisance. Crickets typically dwell outdoors, by the heat trapped within homes and other buildings can attract crickets inside. These small jumping insects rarely do damage, but their noisy presence still may create a problem.

Black Cricket Isolated On White Background


There are several common types of crickets in the Omaha area:

• House crickets: These light brown bugs are nocturnal and generally reside outdoors. However, if they come inside they can attack paper, damage silk, wool and foods, although damage is usually minor.
• Field crickets: Shiny, black insects that typically enter homes during the fall
• Mole crickets: These crickets burrow in yards, causing lawn damage and sometimes attracting predators like raccoons

What to do:

Removing crickets that live outside the house can be a very difficult task. To prevent crickets from entering, remove firewood and other materials stored against the house. Clean gutters and eliminate other potential entry points.

Insecticides can be sprayed around the perimeter of the home and at entry points, but these chemicals are most safely and effectively applied by pest control professionals. Contact Quality Pest Control Omaha today for assistance tackling your cricket problem.