Lady Bugs and Asian Beetles

Ladybugs & Asian beetles



Lady bugs, and their look-a-likes the Asian beetles, are recognizable by their red-orange pigment, black spots, and round shape. These flying insects are similar to the box elder bug, usually appearing in mass numbers in late fall or winter, flying or crawling inside a home or garage. As the weather gets colder, Asian lady beetles begin gathering by hundreds of thousands around homes and outside tall, light-colored buildings where they may appear first on the southwest side facing wooded areas.

Asian Lady infestation

Asian Lady Beetle Infestation

While they are not particularly dangerous or destructive, Asian beetles alarm many homeowners because their infestations are so large in the number

Lady beetle

Asian Lady Beetle

What to do: 

  • Repairing damaged windows and doors, and sealing other potential entrance points can prevent ladybugs and Asian beetles from invading an occupied building.
  • If the bugs are already inside the home, contact a pest management professional who can oversee an individualized control plan that may include, intensive cleaning, pesticides, and light traps.