Pest Control Testimonials

We pride ourselves on providing the leading pest control services throughout the Omaha area, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Take a look about what our Omaha customers are saying about their experience with Quality Pest Control:

Scott M, Omaha

“Carl and Quality Pest Control are absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Everything from customer service to timeliness to attention to detail is exemplary. I LOVE the fact that he takes care not to spray inside unless it is absolutely necessary. Since we’ve been utilizing their services we have had very little issue with any insects or pests. This is the way a pest control business should be run and they receive my HIGHEST recommendation. You won’t find a better pest control company in the Omaha-Metro area!”

Erin Pearson, Omaha:

“Working with Quality Pest Control was a fantastic experience. With my wife and I living in the country, dealing with pests has always been an issue for us. However, with Carl’s help the problem is no more. He took the time to explain what he was doing and we have seen incredible results. No more will I waste my time or money on trying to fix the problem myself when I have the assurance that Quality Pest Control will do a great job every time. I would recommend them to anyone!”

Lisa M., Omaha:

“Quality Pest Control was the second company I called to take care of a wasp nest. The nest was way too high for us to get to. The first company I called said it would be $150 just to come look, then another $85 for the chemical then another $$$. I cut her off when she got to the third amount. Then I called Quality Pest Control. He told me he would come out and take a look (FOR FREE NO LESS!). He then promptly called me with the estimate. The estimate was $100 to take care of the nest. He then explained that I could have service for a year for my entire home, inside and out, so we went with that. It was still far cheaper than the other guy. He did a great job and was prompt and professional!”


Lori M, Omaha:

Carl originally came out to get rid of ants. He was punctual and so pleasant. He asked a lot of questions and explained his process for treating. He was thorough in his explanation of how he managed the problem and inspired confidence with his knowledge of pest control. When he was finished, he advised to give him a call if we still saw ants after 7 to 10 days. Unfortunately, we did have to call him back due to some very stubborn ants. But true to his word, Carl came out the following day to take care of it. When he told us, “You no longer have a pest problem….it’s MY problem now!” It’s obvious he meant what he said. Carl is sincere, honest and passionate about what he does. And to our relief, he didn’t ask us to sign a contract. We recommend him!


Deborah G, Omaha:

“Carl was very timely and knowledgeable about pest control.  He examined the areas that he believed were most likely the entry points and made a follow-up call to make sure that the mice were under control.  I was so impressed with him that I purchased an annual package for pest control of creepy, crawlies for my home.  A very honest company providing professional, friendly service.”