• Silverfish
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Silverfish reproduce very quickly, with some laying up to 20 eggs a day

These small flat insects range in color from brown to silver, and recognizable by their tear-drop shaped. Silverfish reproduce very quickly, with some laying up to 20 eggs a day. They are attracted by food sources such as a books, linens, and dust. They can even be found in unopened food packages!

How to find them:

Silver fish are nocturnal and prefer damp, warm conditions such as those found around kitchen and bathroom plumbing. They are often found in bathtubs and sinks because they fall into these and cannot climb smooth surfaces.

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What to do

To prevent silverfish, start by vacuuming the area thoroughly to remove food particles and insect eggs. Furthermore, since silverfish thrive in humidity, remove sources of excess moisture such as standing water, faulty plumbing and condensation. Ventilating attics and closed rooms may also help, and always store pantry food in tight containers.

If you are already noticing several silverfish in your home, you likely have an infestation. In order to remove the problem, you must not only kill individual insects, but kill eggs and remove their harborage in the home. This is best accomplished by pest control professionals who can develop a customized approach to address the entire infestation.