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Termites are a wood-destroying insect that are a major concern for home and business owners

Termites can infest structures and cause serious damage long before the destruction is visible from the outside. Termites can cause thousands of dollars in structural damage by feeding on the wood of virtually any home. Large groups of termites are known as colonies.

How to spot them:

Look out for cracked or “bubbling” house paint, as well as detached insect wings that are left over after termite swarms. If any wood sounds hollow around the outside of your home, call a professional to determine if there is a termite infestation.

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What to do

To protect your home from a termite infestation, remove food sources (such as firewood, lumber, and paper) from the perimeter of your home. Clear vents, and avoid letting standing water accumulate on the roof. Because of the potential damage and the complex techniques used to treat for termite infestations, pest control is best left in the hands of a professional pest exterminator. Quality Pest Control offers several options to best meet your termite needs.