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Protecting Homes and Businesses from Pests Since 1996

Quality Pest Control, Inc. is a pest control company that is family owned and operated. We know the area and the pests common to homes and businesses in Millard. Whether you are battling bed bugs or cockroaches, we are equipped with the tools and experience needed to rid the pests from your home. Even if you are facing an infestation, we are the team to call. There is no job too big or small. Our pest control experts know how to approach any pest control scenario you have faced.

While most people consider common household pests to be nuisances, they’re more than simply annoyances. They can be extremely devastating to your home if left untreated. An infestation can ruin your woodwork, floors, and walls. Pests can leave feces, eggs, and shed parts all over your home. It’s easy to minimize pests, but they can be extremely damaging and dangerous. When you call in the team from Quality Pest Control, Inc., you can feel confident that you have service providers on your side who understand the importance of pest control. Our team is quick and thorough, and when we are tasked to eliminate your pests, they don’t stand a chance.

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Why Pests Are Harmful to Your Space

Pests are annoying invaders into your sacred space, and they also bring diseases with them. When you add the possibility of property damage to the equation, there’s no surprise why pest control is serious business. No one wants to put their family, pets, or home or business at risk by ignoring a pest problem. When you ignore pests in your home, you are leaving bugs and rodents that are known carriers of diseases, bacteria, and known allergens. They also ruin your home by leaving feces, body fluids, and chewed fixtures and wires behind. Don’t leave the pests to ruin your home and leave behind hundreds if not thousands of dollars of damage. Our pest control specialists can eliminate your pest problems, and sometimes we even can solve the problem with a same-day appointment.


The Quality Pest Control, Inc. Difference

When it comes to quality at an affordable price, customers know they can trust Quality Pest Control, Inc. We are trustworthy home service specialists dedicated to excellent customer service and high-quality pest control solutions.

When customers choose Quality Pest Control, Inc., they can expect:

Honest Professionals: Our team can be counted on to do the right thing every time. We are honest and trustworthy specialists you can trust in your home.
Dedicated to Improvement: Our team is always looking for ways to grow and change. We work hard to educate our staff and find better ways to serve you.
Solutions-Focused: We will find a way to get the job done regardless of the situation. We are dedicated to solutions-based home services. We don’t make excuses for why we can’t finish your pest control job.
Customer Service First: We listen to what you want, and our team makes it our mission to serve you. We go above and beyond to provide a positive experience even when dealing with frustrating household pests.