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House flies aren’t just a nuisance; they are one of the filthiest types of pests around and spread potentially dangerous germs everywhere they land. To make matters worse, flies love all the same foods that humans do so they quickly track germs and bacteria into kitchen and food areas threatening to contaminate food and spread disease. To keep your home or business free of flies this summer, it’s time to call in Quality Pest Control for a professional, powerful solution that is both lasting and affordable.

If you’ve ever experienced a serious fly infestation; you know that it takes more than a household fly swatter to keep the issue under control. No one wants their guests first impression of a home to be a swarm of flies, and for businesses, the presence of flies can indicate uncleanliness, not to mention the inconvenience of the constant buzzing and swatting.

Quality Pest Control, Inc. will take the time to create a solution to your fly infestation that is uniquely tailored to your situation:

  • A trained pest control professional will identify the type of fly. There are several common varieties of flies in the Omaha area including house flies, fruit flies, horse flies, and several others. Proper identification is the critical first step to developing a targeted treatment plan. To eliminate existing flies, Quality Pest Control can employ a variety of strategies and solutions depending on the scope and location of the problem including fly bait, traps, and targeted pesticide application.
  • The Quality Pest Control team will locate the breeding grounds of the flies to determine the focal point of the infestation. Uncovered trash cans, food areas, and pet dishes are common locations for flies to lay eggs. The breeding site can then be thoroughly cleaned and removed, and a pest control professional can offer advice on how to prevent flies from returning and repeating the process in the future. Our Omaha fly extermination process can also spot entrance points for flies into your home or business including damaged screens, weather stripping, and more.

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