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Wasps are one of the most feared insects, due to their painful stings and extremely defensive natures

Varying widely in size, shape, and color, wasps are often mistaken for bees, but unlike bees they are capable of stinging multiple times. Wasps living in or near inhabited structures can be extremely harmful, scary and problematic.

Wasps are divided into two large categories: social wasps and solitary wasps. There are several kinds of wasps commonly found in the Omaha area:

  • Cicada killing wasps most commonly thrive about mid-June through the end of August. These ground-dwelling wasps are large and can be frightening. They do make unsightly burrows and won’t sting you.
  • Paper wasps dwell in eaves, and very rarely sting. These wasps are also pollinator and are very beneficial to their ecosystems.
  • Yellow Jackets and Hornets are very similar and typically the most unpleasant variety of wasp. These wasps can be ground dwelling, and if their colony is accidentally disrupted (often by activities such as mowing the lawn) they can become very aggressive.

Wasp stings:

Wasp stings are painful, but temporary and rarely require medical attention. However for individuals with allergies to stinging insects, even a single sting can pose a very serious health risk and medical help should be sought.

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What to do

There are a variety of efficient and effective tactics for addressing a wasp problem, all of which are best implemented by experience professionals. From insecticidal controls to physical removal, wasp removal is a very delicate process that can be dangerous if attempted by anyone except an experienced professional.