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In your home, mice and rats are not simply irritating little critters; they are among the most significant pests (insects included) on earth. Their large populations spread disease and cause costly damage to properties and homes. If you spot a single mouse or rat on your property, it could be indicative of a much larger infestation that is already a problem. Quality Pest Control, Inc. provides effective and efficient mice removal and rat removal—we’re the mice exterminators Omaha trusts!

Why Do I Need a Mouse or Rat Exterminator?
Mice and rats carry and transmit numerous diseases, cause damage to our buildings, electronics, and utilities by their gnawing and burrowing activities. By chewing through electrical wiring, mice and rat infestations have even been linked to incidents of electrical fires. Businesses that don’t proactively invest in mice and rat control often end up costing themselves far more money because of contamination and destruction caused by the pests.

Signs I Have Rodents
You hired your last rodent control professional and you thought you got rid of all the mice or rats. But, you notice droppings under your kitchen cabinet, are those old or new droppings? With Quality Pest Control, we will make sure that we get rid of these pesky critters right the first time. But, how do you know if you have rodents? We have provided 4 signs to be on the lookout for when it comes to rodents in your home.

  • Rodent Droppings – If you notice droppings throughout your home and the yare dried out and look gray, this means they’ve been there for a while. Droppings are usually found around food packages, drawers or even under sinks. Contact our expert Omaha rodent control technicians to come out and inspect your home.
  • Gnaw Marks – Along with droppings if you notice gnaw marks on parts of your home, they will look light in color and the darker they get, the longer they’ve been there. The marks also can help you identify if they are mice or rats. The smaller gnaw marks will be mice and the bigger gnaw marks will be rats.
  • Bad Smells – Are your dogs or cats becoming more active or excited in certain areas of your home? This could be that they smell rodents present. The odor that rodents emit is often a stale smell. If you pet starts pawing at areas that they don’t normally show interest in it may be due to them smelling the rodents.
  • Nests – Rodents will use anything to create their nest with, paper, fabric and even dried out plants. If you stumble upon any of these types of nests along with droppings or gnaw marks, contact our professional Omaha rodent control services for help in removing these pesky rodents.

What Are the Differences Between Rats & Mice?
Rats and mice look very similar and are related, but they can be easy to tell apart if you know what to look for. The main difference is that rats are quite a bit larger than mice are, and their long, skinny tails are usually hairless and scaly.

Most people will consider rats to be a worse problem than mice if they end up infesting your home or business. The reason is that rats are much more aggressive than mice, and when cornered they will attack. However, a rat infestation will generally be less serious in that they do not reproduce at the same rate as mice, so you can get the situation under control more easily.

Call Quality Pest Control, Inc. for Your Rodent Problem!
The mice and rat exterminators at Quality Pest Control, Inc. know exactly what to look for to determine the nature of your rodent problem and provide the best solutions for your rodent control needs.

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